Omarosa and her stint at the WH, Meghan Markle and fashion, Kylie Jenner goes out for 2nd time after giving birth

Well, well, well.  Here we are with one of Donald Trump’s ex-loyalist, now spilling the beans on what she knows about the White House while she worked there.  Omarosa is surely going out on a limb while in Celebrity Big Brother as she whispers details about happenings in the White House and what she thinks of it now after being fired (allegedly).  She does warn all of us to “be careful what we wish for” because if Donald Trump gets impeached, we are faced with Mike Pence, who, in Omarosa’s words thinks “Jesus tells him to say things.”  Oh sheesh!  And we are down to these choices? Ugh!

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan Markle visited Scotland.  Rumor has it that Prince Harry almost got bit by a well-dressed pony.  Ouch!  Do you guys think this new royal couple will be as popular as Prince William and Duchess Kate?

Finally, Kylie Jenner was seen out and about for the second time since she gave birth to Stormi.  She did say on her Instagram post after giving birth that “pregnancy has been the most beautiful, empowering and life changing (sic)  experience I had in my entire life”, so we get that.  How about motherhood?  Kylie’s cosmetic company is said to be worth a billion dollars by the year 2022.  She made 41 million dollars last year.  Not bad for a reality TV star ay?

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