Donald J. Trump Drops Out of the 2016 Presidential Race – Open Mic Scandal


We all wish we would see this as a headline don’t we?

Donald Trump has proven that his character and judgment is not that of a President most specially, the President of the United States of America.  The most recent scandal facing the Trump campaign was the video released with an open hot mic of Donald Trump talking about women in a despicable manner.  The words are so damning that anyone who believes his campaign can recover from this, is absolutely living in their own fantasy land.

Donald Trump has proven yet again that he is unfit to become the president of the United States of America.  GOP Senators and supporters are recanting their support of the presidential candidate in a mass-exodus type of way.  He issued an apology via a video last night as the news broke but it looked like he was reading the prompter with a gun to his head.  Political pundits have already stated that it would be hard for him to come out of this one.

We shall see in the next couple of days.  At the worst, VP Mike Pence might become the GOP nominee come November 8th.

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