And… Ellen is back as Dory! Video Trailer!

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen a feel-good movie like Finding Nemo. It has been 13-years since it was released in case you didn’t know. Yup. That long.

Well, we’ve been promised this new “sequel” of sorts that would revolve around the forgetful character “Dory” as played by Ellen Degeneres. We all loved Dory and rightfully, she deserved a movie of her own.

The movie is set for release on June 17th.

According to Yahoo News:

Disney-Pixar dove headfirst into Finding Dory Wednesday morning, with the release of the first full-length trailer. Watch it above.

The long-awaited sequel to the beloved 2003 hit Finding Nemo puts the focus this time on the forgetful fish Dory, voiced again by Ellen DeGeneres. Taking place six months after the original underwater adventure, the sequel sends Dory on a quest to find her long-lost family, with the help of Marlin (voiced again by Albert Brooks), Crush (voiced by returning director Andrew Stanton) and several other returning ocean creatures.

“I never thought there was going to be a sequel,” Stanton told Yahoo Movies earlier this week. “Until one day I went, ‘You know, I worry Dory could get lost again and not find the family she has.’ And I wondered, ‘Where did she come from?‘”

Watch the newly released trailer below:

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