Create Best Moments 2015 for Instagram by Iconosquare… Tsk tsk. #bestmoments2016 #Instagram #bestmoments2015


If you are looking to create your Best Moments for 2015 for Instagram this year, I am sorry to tell you that the company who allowed you to create the Best Moments on Instagram is not doing it this year.  Iconosquare announced two days ago that they will not be doing it this year and apologized.  Say what?

Yup, that was my reaction too.  People who are addicted to Instagram would like to post the best moments they had for the year.  And  it is fun to reminisce.  However, that feature is not going to be provided by Iconosquare this year.

But – you are not out of luck!  There is an app who took over and you will  be able to continue creating your Best Moments for 2015 on Instagram using Instack App from the App Store.

Just visit this link . download and enjoy!

Happy New Year to all you readers!

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