The sad story of celebrities and drug overdose: Lamar Odom clings to life. Khloe Kardashian by his side.


Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom during happy times.

It is very sad to hear when celebrities fall into the hands of drug and alcohol addiction.   We have seen it time and time again.  I can remember as far back as Elvis Presley to River Phoenix to Amy Winehouse. And now, Lamar Odom.  They have the money, the fame and everything else that comes with it.  Why do they turn to drugs or alcohol?

Lamar Odom, 35, who is almost-Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband was found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel after reportedly spending $75K at the place.  Employees of the brothel tells a story of cocaine use and “herbal Viagra” supplements.   The former NBA star has been in trouble in the past including a drunk-driving charge that resulted in a 3-year probation for Lamar.

It is reported that Khloe is making medical decisions for Lamar as he remains unconscious and hooked to life support.

“When they took him to the Pahrump hospital, the people there told us, ‘He doesn’t look good. He doesn’t look like he’ll make it, and if he does, he won’t be the same,’ ” brothel owner Dennis Hof said. – Source

Our prayers go out to the Odom and Kardashian families at this difficult time.  Hopefully, with Lamar being so young, he could pull through this and come out unscathed.

This story makes us realize that we cannot take life for granted and that money is not the answer to everything.  Happiness is not found through fame and fortune.  Sometimes, the simplest things in life are what makes us happy.

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