Justin Bieber’s Leaked Nude Photo from Bora Bora just broke the internet.

Or did it?

Since October 7th, when the news broke out that Justin Bieber’s leaked nude photo from his vacation in Bora Bora with newfound girl Jayde Pierce, my blog was filled with searches of “justin bieber nude photo,  justin biebers wee wee, justin bieber naked photo, justin bieber **nis, etc.”  Great traffic from the search – thanks Justin.

I know you are here looking for the link and I wish I could say that I have it but I don’t.  The question posted by Steve Grand after the incident (well-known and openly gay musician) as this:


Do you agree?  I will have you know though that Steve Grand is not a shy person when it comes to baring it.  But he says that his half-naked pictures are only 1% of his photos posted on the net.


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