Vanessa Williams as Head Judge for Miss America 2015 is now up in the air?


Much publicity has gone around already regarding Miss Vanessa Williams’ return to the Miss America Pageant as head judge.  Vanessa Williams was crowned Miss America back in 1984, only to be forced to give up her reign when her unauthorized nude photos were released by Penthouse Magazine.  The 2015 pageant Miss America Pageant will be broadcast live from Atlantic City, NJ this Sunday, 09/13/2015 (9:00 – 11:00p.m./ET).  It has been 32-years and it is sure to get a lot of attention due to Ms. Williams’ return.

Now here’s the kicker.  Somehow, someone is expected to apologize to someone.  Whether it is the Miss America Pageant Organization or Ms. Williams is unknown.   Will you watch the show this Sunday?

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