Jon Snow is dead. Game of Thrones Finale.


I have never been a fan of Game of Thrones and believe me I’ve tried. I watched the first three episodes but I simply cannot get into it. If you’re watching it because of the sex scenes and nudity, maybe that’s a good reason for you. It wasn’t for me.

So, on my social media feeds last night, I’ve read so much grumbling about #jonsnowdead and everyone being shocked about the finale. Hmmm. I wish I could relate, but I couldn’t. I take it that Jon Snow is one of the main and beloved characters?

After reading the gasps and emotion-filled reactions on Facebook last night, I may just have to give it another try. One last time.

Can you promise that the series will be worth it?

I guess I will be the judge of that. Sorry Game of Thrones fans. Jon Snow is dead.

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