Do you want to work in the USS Enterprise?


I bet you didn’t know this but a company in China has built their headquarters using Star Trek’s USS Enterprise as the model. It cost the company’s owner quite a penny to build it. Yes, $100 million to be exact. The construction was completed back in October.

According to CNN Money:

“NetDragon was founded by Liu Dejian, one of China’s most wealthy men and a self-described Trekkie, according to various Chinese and American news reports.
The six-story building in China’s southeast Fujian province is about 850 feet long and 300 feet wide. The company reportedly spent nearly $100 million to build it, and construction was completed in October.”

No worries, they had the rights approved first.

“NetDragon executives reportedly asked CBS, which produces Star Trek, for permission to build their terrestrial version of the Enterprise.”

So, if you’re a trekkie – – send your resume in.

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