EXPLAINED: Why Zayn Malik Left One Direction.


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It has been a big mystery as to why Zayn Malik left the world-famous boy band, One Direction in 2015.  Rumor mills spun the stories so much that it is hard to determine what’s the exact reason anymore.  But it has not surfaced that the reason is trivial.  It has nothing to do with animosities toward any of the other boy band members.  It doesn’t have anything to do with Zayn Malik’s girlfriend.  He didn’t have a fight with Harry Styles.  The reason is simple.

According the Daily Mail, the boy band’s song writer, Jamie Scott,  has admitted directly that the reason was simple.  “‘Zayn went because he’d had enough. Have you ever been on the road for four years?  These guys aren’t at home.”

I have always said that becoming a flight attendant looks so exciting and I have always wanted to be one.  However, when I started traveling for work extensively, I realized that it was more work than I wanted to.  Going through airports when traveling is such a pain in the behind, and if you do it long enough, it could get old too!  Therefore, I can understand Zayn, at the young age of 22, leaving the band simply because he wants a life.  A life other than being on the road could be so rewarding.

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