New campaign to raise testicular cancer awareness. #feelingnuts


You all must remember the campaign #cocksinasock campaign that went viral on Instagram and other social media applications, do you? That was to raise awareness for testicular cancer. It wasn’t as successful as the #icebucketchallenge but it still got some media attention.

Now, there is a new campaign called #feelingnuts which is for the same thing. It is to encourage men to do a self-examination of their testicles to encourage early detection of testicular cancer.

There is a hilarious video that should put a smile in your face and maybe join the campaign. The video encourages you to add the hashtag, #feelingnuts to your photos or videos.

Here’s the video and some of the participants’ photos from instagram. Check it out and help create awareness!

image6 image5 image4 image3 image2 image1

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