Ben Affleck’s Full Frontal on Gone Girl is all the rage. (PHOTO)


The internet is ablaze with the news that Ben Affleck has gone full frontal in the film Gone Girl (in theaters now). You see, everyone goes gaga whenever there are rumors that Ben Affleck had exposed his privates. Remember that one video of a Ben Affleck look-alike doing the act that makes you blind? Well, that wasn’t him. What about all those photo-shopped photos of naked models with Ben Affleck’s face on them?

Well, stop the presses for the time has come. Jennifer Gardner (wife of Ben Affleck) recently admitted that indeed, there was a full-frontal scene in the movie. She said, this:


So, if you really want to see it (or see the movie twice, according to Victor Garber, you would have to follow this link for instructions.

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