Joseph Gordon-Levitt: No Nudes in “Don Jon” (VIDEO)


You’ve seen him shirtless.  You know he’s got a hot body.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one that you would call SEXY.  However, in his new role as Don Jon in the movie with the same name, he stars as a guy who lives in his car and is addicted to porn.  He wrote and directed the film himself.

With the subject matter, he was recently asked on how much skin they will see on the film.  He hinted that one should not expect to see any frontal scenes and replied:

It would just be distracting. This is not a movie of brutal realism; it’s a comedy and it’s a story. It’s sort of a parable, so there would really be no reason to have any nudity.

Disappointing?  Yes but we are all watching the film for its artistic benefits aren’t we?

The film will be out in theaters on September 27th.

Watch the steamy trailer below:

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