A Letter from Fred. “Oh Sweet Lorraine” 96-year old man’s story will make you believe in true love.


I’ve given up many years ago.  Love is nowhere to be found.  Real love that is.   All I know is that to get love, you have to give love.  Although, many times we’ve given love – we’ve not gotten love back in return.

So, I simply let go and refuse to believe that true love exists.  I’m never going to find the man of my dreams and he’s never going to find me.  It is what it is.

Yet, once in a while, you come across stories that will make you wonder if giving up on love was the right way to go.

Here’s the story of Fred who is 96-years old and whose wife for 75 years had recently passed. Her name was Lorraine.

There was song-writing contest where Green Shoe Studios had asked interested individuals to upload a video of the song they’ve written.

Fred, saw the ad in the paper and decided to write a song for his recently-deceased wife.  He mailed it in and the rest as they say was history.

Watch the touching story below:

Did it bring tears to your eyes? Do you believe in true love?

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