One Direction News: Harry Styles Kisses James Corden, Channel 4 Documentary Angers Directioners, Liam Payne and New Girlfriend, Pete Townshend defends One Direction, Crazy About One Direction Documentary on Youtube, (VIDEO)


Crazy About One Direction: How Twitter turns part-time passion into Metro

Channel Four documentary Crazy About One Direction made one thing clear: Twitter has changed the band fan experience from a manageable part-time 
Angry One Direction fans spark suicide rumours after TV documentary

One Direction If you didn’t catch Crazy About One Direction on Channel 4 last night, you’ve got some catching up to do. The insightful, and at at times shocking, 
Pete Townshend feels wrath of One Direction fans over plagiarism The Guardian

Pete Townshend has hurriedly issued a statement over claims that the Who are trying to interfere with One Direction‘s latest single. Confronting thousands of 
One Direction fans react angrily to Channel 4 documentary: ‘This is

1D fans manage to get “#THISISNOTUS” to become a top trend on Twitter.…/one-direction-fans-react-angrily-to-cha…

RIP Larry Shippers: One Direction Fans Commit Suicide | HEAVY

The documentary ‘Crazy About One Direction‘ has caused a stir amongst One Direction fans as 42 have now committed suicide? Read on for the sad news.…/rip-larry-shippers-one-direction-fans-com…

One Direction fans vent anger over Channel 4 documentary Channel 4 News

An army of One Direction fans, or “directioners”, takes to social media to voice their anger, at times aggressively, over a Channel 4 documentary that exposed the 
One Direction’s Liam Payne brands Channel 4 documentary “bulls**t” Digital Spy

One Direction’s Liam Payne has reacted angrily to Channel 4’s documentary Crazy About One Direction, shown last night (August 15), gave an insight into 
One Direction fans react with fury to Channel 4 documentary Daily Star

THE Channel 4 documentary about One Direction fans has not gone down well No sooner had Crazy About One Direction aired than a whole host of Twitter 
One Direction versus The Who: the fandom goes hysterical over Clickmusic

Over the past couple of days, the internet has been dominated by one One Direction story. A lie ‘rumour’ was started on Wednesday evening that The Who were 
One Direction’s Liam Payne, Dating New Girlfriend [PHOTO]: ‘Best Mstarz

Liam Payne has been causing a lot of drama ever since One Direction’s GQ interview was published, with him being quoted as saying he was no longer single.
Crazy about One Direction? Fan OUTRAGE over claims Best Song

But The Who’s Pete Townsend has told fans not to worry, as he thinks the ‘tribute’ is flattering.…/crazy-one-direction-fan-outrage-217080…

Crazy about One Direction Documentary – YouTube

Documentary about the One Direction Fandom which was shown on Channel 4 on thursday 15 August.

One Direction’s Best Song Ever VS. The Who’s Baba O’Riley! Did 1D

Did One Direction steal a piece of a Who song in order to make the Best Song Ever??? You be the judge!
Pete Townshend defends One Direction over song accusations

The Who star Pete Townshend has spoken out to defend One Direction after critics suggested the boyband’s latest single Best Song Ever sounded similar to one 
One Direction help C4 to Twitter high Broadcast

Channel 4’s doc Crazy About One Direction became the broadcaster’s most-tweeted about show ever last night, drawuing almost 370,000 tweets. Crazy About 
One Direction Channel 4 documentary loses out to Big Brother in Digital Spy UK

Channel 4’s One Direction documentary failed to lift the channel’s ratings last night, losing out in the 10pm slot to Channel 5’s Big Brother. Crazy About One 



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