Gay News: Fire Island Gets Historic Recognition, Gay and Lesbian Spouses gain full military benefits, OPED:Gay Marriage is not about religion: It’s about rights


Gay marriage fight isn’t over in Congress
WASHINGTON — Though the U.S. Supreme Court struck a mortal blow to the Defense of Marriage Act last week, gay marriage is far from settled at the federal level, with lawmakers in Congress responding in very different ways. The court’s twin 5-4
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NY gay resort community gains historic recognition
Houston Chronicle
The seaside resort on Fire Island, about 60 miles east of Manhattan, was known as far back as the late 1940s as a sanctuary where gay writers, actors and businesspeople from the city and beyond escaped to relax, hold hands and show affection in public.
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OPINION: Gay marriage issue is about rights, not religion
Delmarva Now
Remember, there was talk in 2004 of a push for a constitutional amendment barring gay marriage anywhere in the country. Now we have the highest court in the land stating that federal benefits cannot be withheld from married same-sex couples, and in a 

Gay, lesbian spouses to gain full military benefits
Gay and lesbian military spouses soon will have the same benefits as traditional spouses to include military health coverage, base shopping, travel reimbursements for military moves and the larger “with dependent” housing allowances or, when available, 

Wong rejects gay marriage plebiscite
The Australian
Senator Wong, Labor’s openly gay leader of the government in the Senate, joined gay marriage advocates in declaring a referendum the wrong way forward. Other Labor MPs are also concerned, and are cautioning the Prime Minister to steer away from this 

Gay continues impressive build-up with Lausanne win
GMA News
LAUSANNE – American champion Tyson Gay continued his impressive build-up to next month’s world championships on Thursday by winning the 100 meters at Lausanne’s Athletissima Diamond League meeting in 9.79 seconds. Jamaica’s former world 

Washington Post
Gay rights have grown around the world; more than a dozen countries and 13 U.S. states now allow same-sex marriage. But according to the United Nations, about 75 countries continue to criminalize homosexual behavior; in a few of them, it is punishable

Gay rights supporters erupt in cheers
Albany Times Union
WASHINGTON (AP) — Supporters of same-sex marriage burst into cheers, wept openly and chanted “DOMA is Dead” outside the Supreme Court as word reached them that the justices had struck down a key provision of the federal law defining marriage as a 

Gay green card petition approval is US first – lawyer
BBC News
A Bulgarian student who is married to an American has become the first gay man to have his application for a green card granted, says their lawyer. The approval is seen as proof of US visa policies quickly adapting to last week’s historic Supreme Court

Gay couple may be 1st to win immigration petition
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A Bulgarian graduate student and his American husband are the first gay couple in the nation to have their application for immigration benefits approved after the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriages, their lawyer said.

Gay marriage returns to California
Jerusalem Post
The top court also overturned California’s Proposition 8 – which took away the previously granted right of gays to marry in the state by popular referendum in 2008 – on a technicality, finding that the representatives of the case did not have standing

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