Prince Harry News: Cara Delevigne and Prince Harry gets close, Saves Gay Squadmate from Gay Beating


Prince Harry ‘Getting Close To Cara Delevingne Despite Cressida Bonas
Prince Harry’s romantic life is getting more complicated if the latest rumours are to be believed because according to a new report the dishy royal is getting close to model of the moment Cara Delevingne. The leggy blonde might be BFFs with Rihanna and
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Prince Harry saved squadmate from homophobic attack while in Alberta
Vancouver Sun
Prince Harry’s stint in southern Alberta continues to make headlines, five years after the red-headed British royal spent time at a military training base near Medicine Hat. The British newspaper the Daily Mail published an account Sunday from one of
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Prince Harry cosies up to Cara Delevingne
A source told Britain’s LOOK magazine: “Harry made a beeline for Cara as soon as he spotted her. Everywhere you looked there were models, actors and aristocrats but Harry and Cara didn’t seem to notice. They spent the whole afternoon only talking to
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Prince Harry Might Have a New Lady Fair
The Atlantic Wire
Today in celebrity gossip: Prince Harry has been seen with a new model companion, he’s also a hero to the gays, and there’s a love triangle scandal a’brewin’ down in Alabama. Is there a new love in the Ginger Prince’s life? It seems that Prince Harry
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Prince Harry saved me” saysgay soldier
Same Same
A gay British soldier who believed he was going to be bashed to death by troops from a rival regiment says Prince Harry rescued him from a homophobic attack. Harry was his tank commander back in 2008 when the incident happened. Trooper James 
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Prince Harry called one soldier’s “greatest protector”
CW39 NewsFix
harry ALBERTA,CANADA – After a brief demonstration of his major man-power performing stunts in an Apache Helicopter at a Cosford Air show we’ve still not seen every side of Prince Harry (even though technically, we have). A gay British soldier recently 
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Model romance: Prince Harry linked to Cara Delevingne
Irish Independent
The royal has apparently been spending more time with the model after things cooled between him and girlfriend Cressida Bonas. Insiders have claimed the prince and model have flirted with each other at recent events. Sources say Harry hasn’t ruled out
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Are Prince Harry and model Cara Delevingne dating?
Has Prince Harry got the hots for model Cara Delevingne? Well, who wouldn’t. But apparently they’ve been ‘flirting’. Ooh, fliiiiirting. Now in most people’s books that’ll mean they probably exchanged maybe five or six words but on these here gossip
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Prince Harry saves gay soldier from beating
San Francisco Examiner
Say what you will about “Goodtime Charlie” Prince Harry, but a gay soldier who served under him is crediting the royal with saving him from an angry homophobic mob. According to the Daily Mail, Wharton claims that he feared for his life after a gang of
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Prince Harry performs death-defying stunts in Apache attack helicopter
Daily News & Analysis
Prince Harry wowed audience as he twisted his Apache attack helicopter virtually onto its back at the RAF Cosford Air Show, in Shropshire. Until his presence was announced, people had no clue about the 28-year-old royal, who was a co-pilot of the 
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