Gay News: Paul Ryan changes positions, Gay rights and the religious exemption, Rhode Island to become 10th State Allowing Gay Marriage, Backlash on firing of Gay Teacher


Catholics plan vigil over gay marriage communion stance – USA Today
And they intend to do so again this weekend, even after Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron’s statements in April that Catholics who support gay unions or marriage should abstain from receiving communion. “He’s not going to keep me from the Eucharist

Gay adoption: Paul Ryan’s careful change of position
As the nation awaits rulings in two same-sex marriage cases pending before the Supreme Court, gay couples are already well into another battle–one that may be less high-profile in nature, but just as important to families—the right to legally adopt

Gay rights and the religious exemption
Los Angeles Times
Obstacles to legal equality for gay and lesbian Americans are crumbling fast. Congress has repealed the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that prevented gay service members from being open about their sexuality. Nearly a dozen states have legalized same

Backlash on gay teacher’s firing may hit diocese annual fund drive
Columbus Dispatch
Critics of the firing of a gay Catholic-school teacher have threatened to withhold donations from a fundraiser that kicks off this weekend and pulls in millions each year for Diocese of Columbus programs. The Bishop’s Annual Appeal aims to raise $6

Columbus Dispatch
RI to become 10th state allowing gay marriage after final vote, governor’s
Washington Post
The other five New England states already have gay marriage, but bills that would have changed marriage laws in heavily Catholic Rhode sputtered for nearly 20 years until this year. More gay marriage supporters were elected to the legislature last fall

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