American Idol News: Top 5 – In it to win it, Recap of Top 6, Season 12 Top 5 Songs Revealed, Lazaro Arbos Duet with Cher?, Final Five (VIDEO)


American Idol – Week 13 – Top 6 Recap – IDOLOGY
Michael Slezak ( and Melinda Doolittle (“Idol” Season 6) on why the Top 5 ladies of “American Idol” Season 12 may be the best in the show’s history. Plus, Candice Glover turns in one of the top performances of all time with “Lovesong,” and
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American Idol: Final Five In It To Win it
FINAL FIVE GIRLS ARE “IN IT TO WIN IT” ON “AMERICAN IDOL” FIRST-EVER ALL-FEMALE TOP 5 TO COMPETE. It is time to enjoy what is probably the last few episodes of American Idol. Most knowlegable sources are saying American Idol will not be able
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American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Season 12 Top 5 Song Themes Revealed!
We haven’t even heard the American Idol 2013 Top 6 performances yet, but the song themes for next week’s show have already been leaked! Read on for our American Idol spoilers on what the Top 5 will be singing in the next round! With only a handful of
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American Idol’s Lazaro Arbos’s Next Move: A Duet with Cher?
American Idol parted ways with Lazaro Arbos last week, leaving an all-female Top 5 to compete for the grand prize. Arbos, 22, inspired viewers and the judges throughout the season with his moving personal struggle to overcome his lifelong speech
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American Idol 2013 – Top Six Performance and Results Episode Review – “Lets
Inside Pulse
I’ve taken to watching American Idol on Saturday mornings, because there’s too much good TV on Wednesday and Thursday for me to watch it live. Unfortunately, that means that I often know who was eliminated before I watch the performance show.
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American Idol 2013 Top 5 Finalists — Our Song Choices!
While none of the American Idol themes have been officially confirmed for Wednesday’s performance show yet, the leaks have sprung. And if the American Idol spoilers are true, the two themes will be “Songs From the Year You Were Born” and “Divas”.
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