American Idol News: Is Lazaro Arbos done?, Recap: Lazaro and the ladies, Who soared and who stunk?, Top six performance (VIDEOS)


American Idol‘: Who soared, who stunk?
Here’s the deal: A girl’s going to sing for her survival on American Idol Thursday. And the judges are going to save her. Now, Lazaro Arbos is the one who should be going home. His performance of The Carpenters hit Close to You was so bad the judges
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Nicki Minaj Late For American Idol Live Broadcast (Recap)
On Friday Nicki Minaj Late For American Idol Live Broadcast was a top story. Here is the recap: (popmusiclife) Nicki Minaj arrived late for Wednesday’s American Idol live broadcast. The singer was 13 minutes late for the program, which caused her to
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American Idol‘ recap: Lazaro and the Ladies
Entertainment Weekly
Sure, this episode featured possibly the worst performance ever on American Idol. But might it also have God’s-gifted us the very, very best? CANDICE. FREAKING. GLOVER. You know when Mariah Carey throws glitter on someone instead of giving her a hug
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Lazaro Arbos
TV Guide
Here’s a fearless (and rather obvious) prediction for what could be a pivotal week on Fox’s American Idol. Regardless of what happens on the next performance show (Wednesday, 8/7c), if America’s vote endangers any of the girls — none of whom have been
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TV Guide
American Idol‘: Why Is Lazaro Arbos The Last Man Standing?
That bid by the “American Idol” spoiler site — which is hanging it up after this season — encapsulates the unlikely rise of the 22-year-old Cuban-born singer. He’s captured America’s heart with a throwback style, determination to overcome his stutter
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American Idol‘ Song I Wish I Had Written Night: What Should They Sing?
Complaining about lame theme nights on “American Idol” is kind of like griping about that know-nothing dork in your office who always wins the Final Four pool: go ahead, but it’s just gonna keep happening the same way every year. So far we’ve been
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American Idol‘ Top 6 performance night: The live blog
USA TODAY (blog)
Tonight, the American Idol contestants sing two songs — one they wish they’d written and one by the legendary songwriting team of Burt Bacharach and Hal David. You know what that means! Twice as many chances to sing a ballad, two times the
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American Idol‘: Lazaro Arbos is the New Sanjaya
Daily Beast
The only male singer left on American Idol is a disaster, but he’s still getting a lot of votes. Ramin Setoodeh explains why. Like · Tweet. Lazaro Arbos. American Idol contestant Lazaro Arbos. (Michael Becker/Fox). This season of American Idol really
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Daily Beast
American Idol‘: Is It All Over for Lazaro?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
If Lazaro survives this week, it will be no thanks to the judges, who completely skewered him on tonight’s ‘American Idol.’ It was painful to watch. They were clear that they wanted him gone. Nicki went so far as to refuse to comment at all, passing
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American Idol‘: Candice Glover is The Cure for our fever – Zap2it
By Andrea Reiher
On Wednesday’s (April 10) “American Idol,” Candice Glover stepped up to the plate and hit two towering home runs. She was easily the best this week.
From Inside the Box
American Idol‘ Recap: Season 12 Top 6 Performances — Candice
By Michael Slezak
This just in: Mariah Carey is currently in the American Idol naughty corner (located somewhere between Keith Urban’s fitted t-shirt room and Nicki Minaj’s false-eyelash trunk). Yes indeed, the “We Belong Together” singer mentioned in one of
American Idol‘ Recap: Candice Glover Saves The Night… Twice
By Cortney Wills
Wednesdayâ ™s episode of American Idol put the pressure on its remaining contestants. For the first time this season, the FOX show has challenged the singers to two songs each. The night starts off slow and concludes with one of the best
American Idol‘ Alum Lee DeWyze to Release New Music in June
By Michele Amabile Angermiller
The season nine winner’s first single with Vanguard Records is titled.
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