This Is Us Documentary Movie about One Direction Confirmed

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One word about success is “first to market”.

If you have a successful product, you have to get it to market as soon as possible before interest goes away.  A great product not on the market is a waste so you have to capitalize on its popularity.  Many toys like Elmo, Care Bears, Teddy Ruxpin, Rainbow Brite, Moshi Monsters, Cabbage Patch Kids were successful because they met the “wants” of the people.

The same thing with popular celebrities and boy bands.  Market them while they are hot.

That is exactly what’s happening with the likes of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and One Direction.

I mean, for Justin Bieber to write an autobiography or a documentary of his tours seems ridiculous but it’s what people want.

One Direction is the hottest boy band in the world today.  A documentary being worked on by Director Morgan Spurlock about One Direction is due out in August of this year.  Why not?  Every girl out there wants to know more about their teen idols and surely, he is striking while its hot.

So, expect another successful documentary called This Is Us starring the most adorable boy band after the Beatles.

What do you think?

via BBC

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