Low-Cost iPhone will have 4-inch screen like iPhone 5

iphone-family I’m a little excited about the low-cost iPhone that Apple is said to release soon. This is going to change the playing field for other phone manufacturers. According to TechCrunch, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo has already predicted iPhone releases before and have always been dead-on with his predictions.

This time, it is being predicted that the low-cost iPhone is going to have the 4″ screen that the iPhone 5 has and will have a thinner case as well. According to reports as well, Apple will not compromise user experience in order to deliver a cheaper phone. Apple is known for the quality of its products and compromising user experience for a cheaper version of any of their products is going to be their downfall.

If given the choice, I would probably purchase the cheaper iPhone than the iPhone 5 that I currently have (second one!).

It is rumored that the low-cost iPhone will be launched before this year is over, and if that happens, it could add $11 billion to Apple’s revenue for the 2014 Fiscal year. Imagine that!

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