January Jones and Liam Hemsworth. The End of the Affair? (With Miley Cyrus)


I wonder why is it that I don’t know anyone until they either have an affair with a very famous person or they ran a Zumba whorehouse in a small town somewhere.

Personally, I have never heard of January Jones until March.. LOL!  But this alleged affair she had with Liam Hemsworth – – the Australian hunk engaged to Miley Cyrus – – is kind of a shocker.

Would actually believe that January had an affair with Liam (and that’s why they were spotted in the back seat of an SUV during Oscar night…) ?

According to TMZ, January was asked by many photographer as she arrived in LAX and she didn’t actually deny anything.  Additionally, Miley was spotted recently WITHOUT her ENGAGEMENT RING.  Uh-oh….

I smell trouble…..

via TMZ.com.

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