Pope Benedict’s Last Day is Laden With Gay Scandal


When Pope Benedict surprisingly announced that he will be stepping down as Pope on February 11th, there were a lot of speculations. The Pope has only admitted one reason and that reason is him being unable to fulfill the duties called for by the church at his age. It has become too rigorous for the 85-year old Pontiff.

However, news about a scandal broke out soon afterwards about the release of a dossier that contains information about a gay relations between clergy and laymen. The 300-page dossier was handed to Pope Benedict on December 17th which is the alleged date he decided to resign. Pope Benedict has made it clear that he is against gay marriage.

The Catholic Church has not had a Pope resign in the last four hundred years and this isn’t the first time a Pope has resigned. Pope Benedict is stepping down as Pope today, February 28th.

If you remember, Pope John Paul II stayed to the very end even when he was stricken with Parkinson’s disease and visibly couldn’t walk by himself anymore.

According to news reports, Pope Benedict will hand the dossier to the next Pope who will be elected via conclave in the coming weeks.


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