10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Harry Styles, Liam Payn, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction


Harry Styles – Find out what he has to say about PORN:

10. It was Harry who came up with the band’s One Direction moniker.

9. Harry includes chick flicks Love Actually, Titanic and The Notebook among his favourite movies.

8. The gorgeous 19-year-old is prone to sleeptalking – not that we’d mind too much if he was whispering sweet-nothings in our ear all night.

7. Hazza may well be the driving force behind the world’s biggest boyband right now but before he auditioned for The X Factor back in 2010 he was the frontman of rock ‘n roll group White Eskimo.

6.  He’s one of the most desired men on the planet which is just as well because the northern lad loves to strip off and get naked because it makes him feel ‘free’.

5. If you want to impress Harry you’d better be on your best behaviour because he despises swearing, squealing and smoking.

4. Harry gets the most solos, racking up an impressive seven minutes on the boys’ debut album Up All Night.

3. Had the pretty teen not signed up to 1D he had every intention of becoming a physiotherapist.

2. If he had to choose a song to sum up his life, it would be Beach Boys classic Wouldn’t It Be Nice.

1. Harry says he finds porn derogatory but ‘amazing’.


Louis Tomlinson – Find out why he thinks Harry Styles would be his dream Valentine:

10. If you’re a vegetable lover you’re in luck because Louis once bizarrely admitted he’s fond of girls who like carrots.

9. If Louis could go anywhere on holiday, he’d be up for a trip to Narnia.

8. The 21-year-old’s favourite film is Grease – and he used to pretend he was Danny Zuko growing up.

7. His favourite band of all time is How To Save A Life hitmakers, The Fray.

6. He can sing and he can dance but Louis’ talents don’t end there – he can also play the piano pretty well too.

5. Louis has more female admirers than most of the world’s male population put together but he was once dumped for not being attractive enough.

4. He once admitted he’d fancy Harry Styles if he was a fan, adding that his curly-haired pal would be his dream Valentine. He’s even got a picture of him on his bed-side table. Apparently.

3. At school he flashed his bum to his headteacher and was swiftly suspended for three days.

2. Louis fancies himself as the prankster of the pack and once pulled down Niall Horan’s trousers at a petrol station for all to see.

1. Louis once woke up to Harry slapping his willy against his face. He said of the experience: ‘It actually wrapped around my whole head!’


Liam Payne – Why he says he may have worn women’s heels before:

10. Before Harry Styles coined the name One Direction, Liam suggested the boys called themselves USP – which stood Unique Selling Point. Phew!

9. Liam made it through to judges’ houses stage on the 2008 series of The X Factor at the tender age of 14. Simon Cowell callously rejected him but urged him to come back in two years time when he was a bit older.

8. Liam follows more fans on Twitter than all of his bandmates put together. He’s currently keeping tabs on more than 13, 600 lucky Directioners.

7. He now has two fully functioning kidneys. As a baby the Little Things hitmaker was told one was scarred and dysfunctional but was told it had miraculously started working again last year. Yay!

6. Ok so maybe we could have worked this out, but Louis Tomlinson is Liam’s favourite 1D member to be around when he’s feeling down. ‘Even if I’m in a situation where I’m mad at him,’ he said.

5. Niall Horan reckons Liam is the Gary Barlow of the group. ‘He says things like, “Come on boys, let’s roll. Let’s get going”. He knows it and can’t deny it,’ the Irish lad once said.

4. Liam is planning on naming his firstborn child Taylor, regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl. Awkward!

3. ‘Magic match-up man’ Harry set Liam up with his girlfriend and X Factor dancer Danielle Peazer. The pair met while 1D were on the show in 2010.

2. If he had to eat one of his bandmates to survive he’d choose Zayn Malik. Does this mean Zayn is his least favourite?

1. Liam is a closet cross-dresser. His elder sisters Ruth and Nicola used to make him dress in women’s gear. ‘They used to try to influence my fashion a bit. Which you know… may have involved a heel or two,’ he confessed.


Niall Horan – What has he does to relieve “tour bus boredome”:

10. Before they named the band One Direction, Niall suggested they should be ‘Niall And The Potatoes’.

9.  When he met Justin Bieber, Liam Payne had to escort him out of the studio so he could scream.

8. When he hugs someone, he always buries his face in their neck. That’s why people love his hugs so much.

7. He dislocated his knee playing football and there’s a 67 per cent chance it will dislocate itself randomly.

6. The first gig Niall ever went to was Busted in Dublin when he was 10 years old.

5. Niall likes to swear a lot and often stays quiet in interviews in case he accidentally says a rude word!

4. His favourite album of all time is Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits.

3. In an awkward situation, he says ‘cheeseburgers and jelly babies!’

2. He would rather lick a fat man’s armpit than drown in a sea of mayonnaise.

1. Niall has admitted to masturbating on the tour bus. He describes it as ‘relieving tour bus boredom’.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik – Find out how to spell his name originally – – and what it means:

10. First Rebecca Ferguson and now Perrie Edwards. Zayn’s got a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to the ladies although he’s still planning on getting hitched before 30.

9. His name was originally spelt Zain but he changed to Zayn, which means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic.

8. The rugged 1D star likes curvy girls but can’t stand a woman who chews with her mouth open.

7. Zayn originally applied to be on the 2009 series of The X Factor but pulled out before auditions due to nerves.

6. Before he bagged a place in One Direction, Zayn had never been on a plane and didn’t even have a passport. Aww.

5. The gorgeous chart-topper got his first tattoo in 2010. He had his grandfather’s name, Walter, inked on his chest in Arabic.

4. Zayn held Harry Styles’ hand when the mop-haired singer got his first tramp stamp.

3. He may be 20 years old but Zayn Malik still can’t swim. Hence the armbands in the boys’ video for Kiss You.

2. Liam may look the strongest but rumour has it Zayn is the best arm wrestler out of the lot.

1. Cougar-loving Harry is widely considered the ladies’ man of the bunch but Zayn has apparently kissed the most fans.


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