He did it! Justin Bieber takes over number one spot on Twitter – beating Lady Gaga.


She’s had the rein on Twitterdom for years…. Lady Gaga and her little monsters made sure she stayed on top with regards to number of followers on microblogging site, Twitter.

Twitterdom queen no more.  The prince of pop just took over her spot making it to the number one spot.  Justin Bieber sure does have a great influence and more than likely, it was the butt flash shot that did it.  Who would want to miss a flash like that if you’re not following the Biebs!

So, for now, the reign belongs to Justin Bieber with 33,222.000 followers with Lady Gaga running a close second with 33,329,000 followers.  Who knows?  This could ruffle Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters – – it may just be days before he gets taken over again.

Here are the TOP 10 Users with most following on Twitter:

1. Justin Bieber — 33.333 million

2. Lady Gaga — 33.329 million

3. Katy Perry — 31.4 million

4. Rihanna — 27.9 million

5. Barack Obama — 26.1 million

6. Britney Spears — 23.3 million

7. Taylor Swift — 23.1 million

8. YouTube — 22.2 million

9. Shakira — 19.3 million

10. Kim Kardashian — 17.2 million

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