Lance Armstrong’s Books now considered Fiction in Australian Library


Talk about backlash!

Ever since Lance Armstrong admitted to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, there has been continued backlash against the fake athlete.

Many previous supporters, including those in Hollywood, showed disappointment with the fallen sports star.

An Australian library posted a note that gave the titles of Armstrong’s books like “Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion, “The Lance Armstrong Performance Program”, and “Lance Armstrong: World’s Greatest Champion”, saying that they are moving the books from Non-Fiction to Fiction.  Ouch!

You know what I think would be better?  If they renamed the books and left it as a Non-Fiction.

Here are the suggested titles:

“Lance Armstrong: Images of a Fake Champion”

“The Lance Armstrong Performance (Enhancing Drugs) Program”

“Lance Armstrong: World’s Greatest Cheat”

Sorry, did I actually suggest those?

I’m sure all of you feel betrayed like I do.  Heck, I paid two dollars for those yellow Livestrong bracelets!  I hope the donation went to the organization and not to support his PED habit.

via Gawker

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