eBay seller accidentally posts nude picture: Blonde Aimi Jones, 21, becomes internet celebrity


It’s funny how I just blogged about my being an eBay Power Seller back in the day when this seller’s photo went viral online.  Believe me, as an eBay seller, I have done things while photographing the items I was going to sell where I was unaware that a reflection or background would have been inappropriate for posting.  I do check them before I post them though.

Apparently, Aimi Jones posted a photo of a mustard yellow dress that she listed on eBay, unaware of the fact the her reflection on the mirror showed herself wearing nothing but a bra.

The photo went viral and after she realized it, she relisted the dress (with her image still on the left of the new photo) and showed her image in a more appropriate clothing than the nude one she posted earlier.

She listed the item as “asos yellow skater dress size 10 2nd time around!!!”

Due to the attention and the viral photo, the bids for the dress went all the way up to  153,911 British Pounds.

Again, as a seller, the dress will not sell for that much (most of the bids for something that got this much attention are fake bids), but she will definitely be able to sell the dress.  I know how this works.  LOL!

via Mail Online.

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