David Archuleta looks great on video launched while on his mission. (VIDEO)


David Archuleta bid farewell (temporarily) to his fans when he went on his mission (David is a practicing Mormon). The mission is supposed to be two full years where David will be away from the spotlight.

He surprised his fans when New Year 2013 came around when he released a video of himself greeting his fans with a Happy New Year.

Now, he went further in releasing a new video of him singing Rainbow (Remix) which, according to comments on the video, is a rendition of an original version of the song performed by a group from the Philippines named South Border.

David is looking fit and more handsome. He looks like he’s matured a little bit from his mission and may have lost a few pounds in the process as well.


Here’s the version from Philippines’ South Border:

Who do you think has the better version?

I love both to be honest. Don’t you?

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