Tom Daley in tightest jeans for New Year’s Eve and in speedos for new show SPLASH! (VIDEO)


We all expected celebrities to post their photos as they celebrated their grand welcome to the year 2013!

One Direction, Tom Daley and many others tweeted photos as they headed out for the night.

Just tell me – isn’t the photo above of Tom Daley hot?  He is wearing the tightest pair of jeans we have ever seen and we are not complaining.

On top of the photo, there’s a new show called Splash coming on ITV1 – – and Tom Daley will be in speedos – – a lot!

Here’s the clip:

He says of the show:

“People think diving’s easy because divers who’ve done it for a long time make it look like that – but it is very far from easy. It is a very psychological sport. Half the battle is getting over the fear factor.”

We agree Tom – – we do!

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