Homoerotic photos of what they claim as Romanian Orthodox Priests for 2013 Calendar. (PHOTOS)


If you remember the Mormon “Men on a Mission” Calendar, you may as well take a look at these photos of men who claim to be Romanian Orthodox Priests. I don’t know how I should view the calendar but the makers of the calendar explains:

Our homoerotic calendar features shots mingling the edgy with the HOT. This first 2013 edition tells the individual story of 12 intensely masculine young men and their guests representing different parts of eastern Europe. All are open-minded and believe that besides their passionate devotion to the Orthodox Church, it is important to be perceived as individuals committed to diversity and acceptance. And this is what brings them closer to the rest of us.

The makers even have their own Facebook page with previews of the photos similar to the one above already has over 5,000 likes.  The one above is actually tamer than the rest.

While I understand that diversity should be embraced by all religions, I’m unsure about how I would feel if my parish priest (Catholic here) will pose with a pool guy in his bathing suit behind him to sell a calendar.

Here’s another photo:


And another one.


You can preview all twelve from their website and purchase the calendar from there as well in the small amount of 10 euros.

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