“It’s stressful!” – No Big Birthday Bash for One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson.


If you ask me which member of One Direction is the cutest? I would say that it is Louis Tomlinson. He just turned 21 on December 24th! Yay ladies!!! (and gents!)

The biggest boy band is growing up in literally in front of our eyes. Harry Styles is dating Taylor Swift, Niall Horan doesn’t want to date Selena Gomez, Zayn Malik is turning 20 years old next year on January 12th, and Liam Payne is helping British diver Tom Daley to overcome Twitter abuse.

You would think that being a member of One Direction, one would go all out on your 21st birthday. Not for hunky Louis Tomlinson. He thinks that “It’s too stressful.”

I get that. Turning 21 I believe, is only big here in the US. Simply because that is the legal drinking age. I’m glad that some famous people still believe in celebrating simpl (non-Kardashian-style-celebration). Just because you earn a lot of money doesn’t mean that you have to splurge and be irresponsible.

Good job Louis! Belated Happy Birthday!!

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