Tim Tebow and Brazilian Beauty Camilla Belle splits up.

Tebow Camile

I must have been sleeping under a rock when all this connection happened.

Tim Tebow and Brazilian beauty, Camilla Belle were an item? Apparently so! I guss TMZ always gets it right. TMZ first reported the possible relationship between the hunk and the goddess. Now, US Weekly says that after 8-weeks of being together, they both called it quits.

If you remember, Tim Tebow is one spiritual / religious man. He believes in purity before marriage. I wonder if that’s what broke the camel’s back here. Come on! Don’t you want to try the milk first before you buy the cow?

Apparently, Joe Jonas is the same way too! He believed in purity before marriage – – and dated Camilla Belle too! Oh Camilla! Where do you meet these guys? I mean, they’re cute and all that but….

Wishing them both the best in their future relationships!!

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