Queen Elizabeth invites Kate Middleton’s parents to Royal Christmas.


It’s a total break from decades of tradition. Queen Elizabeth II has invited Kate Middleton’s parents – Michael and Carole Middleton – to spend the Royal Christmas with them at Sandringham Estate. Non-royals are usually not invited to such celebration.

Since it was announced the Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge was with child, she has been out of the public eye as she suffers acute morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum. As Prince William asked while talking to the media,”Why do they call it morning sickness? It should be called all-day-all-night sickness.” The Duchess only appeared in public once after the pregnancy was announced. She had been resting and staying with her family back in Buckleberry, England and may not feel well enough to attend the celebration.

Rumors has it that the Queen really wanted Kate to attend. Inviting her parents would make her want to do that. This way, if Kate attends, it would mean that Prince William will also attend the Royal Christmas celebration.

I guess we really learn from our past don’t we? Princess Diana didn’t have much of a relationship with the Queen. I wonder if this will be any different with her relationship with Kate.

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