Bradley Cooper Reveals Third Nipple on Ellen (PHOTOS)


Who among you doesn’t think Bradley Cooper is hotter than hot? No hands?! Thought so!

The Silver Linings Playbook actor revealed his third nipple on Ellen Degeneres and not just by words, he actually opened his shirt and showed it to her.

It’s kind of brave of him to do that. The Golden Globe Awards nominee said, “I actually have a third nipple. Here’s my regular nipple and I have a third nipple. It’s disgusting!” Then, he peeled back his shirt and showed his actual nips and the THIRD one!

Here’s the close up photo:


And Bradley Cooper can only be outdone by one of the members of the most famous boy bands these days.  Harry Styles of One Direction actually has FOUR!!

Harry confirmed this fact to Aussie station Nova FM: Yeah there are four. “They’re a bit smaller than the other ones so I don’t look like a cow or anything.”


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