Rihanna posts photo of herself in a warm embrace with Chris Brown. I can’t watch this train wreck any longer.

Doesn’t this relationship remind you of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston?   It is a scary thought.  Even though Whitney was able to get away from the cuffs that Brown had held her for years, the damage had already been done.  By that time, it was too late.  And with that came the end of an icon.

This is what I am afraid of as I watch Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together as Rihanna tweets a photo of herself wrapped around Chris Brown.  I am watching Rihanna on the Victoria Secret Fashion show right now and she looks really amazing.  She is a very talented and unbelievable performer.  She’s one who can carry the next torch after Whitney Houston.

The problem is what she’s dragging along with him.  Let’s hope that she wakes up real soon and know that there will be better guys out there for her.     Don’t listen to the words.  Watch the actions.

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