Justin Bieber Shirtless Gallery. The fruit doesn’t really fall very far from the tree. (PHOTOS)

For a kid who became a Youtube sensation because of his singing talent, and now has become a world phenomenon, Justin Bieber is the most charismatic entertainer we have in the industry today.

I recently watched a recording on my DVR of Oprah’s Next Chapter interviewing the young lad and I am amazed at how grounded he still is and how very much he appreciates what he’s received in his life. He’s got over 31 million followers on Twitter, just a few thousand shy than Lady Gaga. But that alone spells something about someone. Many people look up and adore you in whatever you say and do. And yet to this day, Justin Bieber remains a clean slate with no black markings on it.

One thing that you rarely see is Justin Bieber taking his shirt off during his concerts. You may have seen a video of him skateboarding and taking his shirt off because of the heat. And let’s all face it, he’s still very young and his physique is not one that we would say is the best… yet. But he’s got the frame. I’m sure that with a few thousand dollars spent on the proper trainer and chef, you will see him bulk up in no time. He’s only 18-years old. Give him time. Remember, his dad loves having his photo taken shirtless.

But even with that, girls go wild about Justin. Seeing him shirtless is probably one of the highlights in their lives. For my readers who love Jusin Bieber, this one is for you.

Gallery after the JUMP:


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