Th story of The Soldier and the Deck of Cards. This video touched my heart, I’m sure it will touch yours. (VIDEO)

Facebook has been a good source of material for me to blog about most specially if the post is something that moved me or shocked me to the core that I get the sudden feeling to share it with my readers.

One of the postings shared today by a friend is a video of a magician named Justin Flom. He posted the video 11 months ago and I’m sure that it has gone viral before today since it has already received over 3 million hits. Not a big number for a video that is 11 months old but it still got people’s attention.

With the holidays coming up, and the decorations start to adorn the homes of people around us, it is for us a moment of joy and happiness with family and friends. Yet, during these moments, we fail to realize that there are families out there who have a member in their family far far away from them. We call them soldiers. Men and women who are in the front lines of battle in order to preserve our freedom

What touched me about this video is the message that it brought close to my heart. I have family members who serve in the armed forces. There were many holidays that they were apart from their families.

So here’s the video and I hope that you share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. It’s a story that goes back to 1778 – – yet, still a story that rings very true today.

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