Lindsay Lohan arrested yet again. How many freaking times will she get away with it?

After allegedly assaulting a woman at Club Manhattan, Lindsay Lohan was escorted by police from the 10th precinct after being charged.

This is the same Lindsay Lohan that crashed her Porsche into an 18-wheeler, stole a $2,500 necklace, and have been busted for cocaine. Do you think she would have ever served time for it? Heck no. It’s unbelievable what money can do, unfortunately, not all of us have the money to get the special treatment she has been getting all these years.

Reasons for spending hours in jail because California jails are over-crowded is insane! There are other jails in the nation! Send her to Camden from crying out loud. I may not be familiar with the law on where and how they decide where a convicted felon is incarcerated but please, let’s give Lilo a lesson for once. Let us not show the world that this kind of behavior is okay. Try and see if a regular person commits half the crime she’s committed and see where they end up. It’s plain ridiculous!

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