Days of Our Lives – Will and Sonny. They finally did it. (VIDEO)

I remember growing up when I used to hide in my bedroom to watch any show that has “gay” in it. If there was an Oprah or Donahue episode that will touch on “gay issues”, I would have to record it secretly and watch the show under very low volume in my room really late at night.\

That’s how it was before.

Now, I find that the freedom that we experience is due to the progress that was made with “gay rights” and “straight-gay alliances”. It also means that we have grown as a society and that homosexuals are a part of that great society as well.

I am not into soap operas but Days of Our Lives is one of the longest running soaps in the U.S. And due to that, the show has also evolved. Gays are very much a part of any show these days because we have been a part of life since the beginning of time.

Here’s the scene where Will and Sonny finally consummate their relationship for an afternoon showing. Even though they did not show the actual act going any further than kissing and being shirtless in bed, it’s a good step for all of us.

Here’s the clip:

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