Gen. Petraeus Cheating Scandal: Frederick Humphries’ Shirtless Photo Revealed (PHOTO)

I have been looking for the photo of Frederick Humphries since news broke out that a shirtless photo was sent to Jill Kelley, the “Other Other Woman” entangled in the Gen. Petraeus Cheating Scandal.  Of course, I would have blogged about it earlier if I wasn’t too busy at work.

Alas, Seattle Times published the photo of what seemed to me was a simple silly and funny photo (three torsos… hello!  makes sense to me!) and not meant to be sent to provoke any sexual desire whatsoever.

What I was expecting was something like that photo sent by NBA player Greg Oden or the substitute teacher, Anna Michelle Walters in Virginia who sent  inappropriate nude photos to a student that was leaked.

In my opinion, Frederick Humphries meant no harm and was telling the truth when he said that the photo was sent as a joke.  Clearly, this photo was meant to be funny.  Case closed.

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