The Other Other Woman to David Petraeus’ Cheating Scandal: Jill Kelley. What Paula Broadwell may need to know.

That was New York Post’s headline this morning.  Jill Kelley on the front page.  Most of us did not know her until the news came out Friday about the cheating scandal of General David Petraeus with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.  The news was only the tip of the iceberg.  Reports abound about another woman whom mistress Paula Broadwell threatened using Petraeus’ email account.  The scandal broke out because allegedly

It’s amazing how explosive news like this can be when someone gets hold of anything that is scandalous.  Any type of “scandal” usually generates a lot of traffic, interest, and of course with high interest – high traffic website, comes the dollars.

Remember the Tiger Woods cheating scandal fiasco?  That went on for a couple of months!

This is what’s amazing about this story.  Gen. Petraeus was having an affair with a woman (Paula Broadwell, who is also married with children) who got jealous of another woman (Jill Kelley) and decided to use the Gen. personal email (gmail account) to send threatening messages to her.  What part of CIA did she not understand?   So, Jill Kelley calls the FBI to investigate – – VOILA!  Bingo!  Jackpot! Affair!

What Paula Broadwell may need to know:

1.)  It’s a no-no to use someone else’s account to send threatening email to anyone – – let alone the CIA Director’s personal email.

2.) Why have an affair if you’re not going to get caught?  It’s the reason people have affairs!  To get caught!  Otherwise, what’s the thrill in it?

3.) If you’re going to have a high-profile anybody to have an affair with, you have to be super-uber discreet!  Anyone you talk to could be the Linda Tripp of your life.

4.) Lastly, if she was going to have an affair – she should not get jealous if the person she’s having an affair with finds a new lady to replace her.  Always remember, if he was able to do it to his wife of 37 years, he can do it to you too.

And guess what? Would you have had an affair with David Petraeus if your husband looked like this? Just sayin’.

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