One Direction’s Harry Styles is willing to shave his full head of hair for charity. Awesome!

If it wasn’t his trademark as a teen idol, what is? Harry Styles of One Direction is known for his full and bouncy crown of hair. The boy band is the hottest in the world right now and everywhere you turn, you see nothing but One Direction.

Harry Styles is one of the most popular because of the gay rumors surrounding his pal and band mate Niall Horran. He is also one of the guys fans adore – both men and women.

Wouldn’t you adore him even more simply because he is willing to sacrifice his full head of hair for charity? I would! I think he would be sexy without his hair and would look more grown up than he does today. Besides, his hair will grow back.

This is what he said:

When asked if he’d abandon his curls for a good cause Harry told Channel 4 show, Freshly Squeezed: ‘Yes I would, if I raised enough money then yeah… for Children In Need.’

Harry said: ‘I want to shave my hair off and no-one will really let me. Everyone’s telling me not to do it.

‘My argument is, like, I think my popularity is in my face, and not my hair.’


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