Full Trailer of Salman Rushdie’s Film: Midnight’s Children (VIDEO)

This surely sounds like a very interesting film and I need to make sure I see it.

Salman Rushdie – the author of the controversial book Satanic Verses also authored a book entitled “Midnight’s Children”

According to Towleroad:

Director Deepa Mehta, author Salman Rushdie and dozens of actors and crew members managed to keep it a secret, clandestinely filming in Sri Lanka and hiding their project’s true name for fear of violent retaliation, but they did the seemingly impossible: created a film adaptation of Rushdie’s 1980 novel Midnight’s Children.

The film, a tale of two men born at the precise moment India gained independence from colonial Britain, has already hit the festival circuit, including a bow at BFI London Film Festival earlier this month, and will be released stateside next month.


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