In Case You Missed It: Felix Baumgartner’s Free Fall Sky Diving Jump (FULL VIDEO)

If you didn’t watch it live yesterday as it was streamed on Youtube, the handsome 42-year old Austrian Felix Baumgartner who has already had many records in BASE jumping, attempted and succeeded his highest sky diving jump ever calling it “the end of my journey” even breaking the sound barrier upon his descent.

If you watch the video, you would see that they recorded speeds up to 729 mph which is absolutely amazing that the human body can survive this amount of speed.

The almost-10 minute video would make you hold your breath until he finally breaks through.

His next step after this amazing feat?

“I’ve always been trying to find my limit, and this pretty much it. For the second half of my life, I want to be a good helicopter pilot. Fight fires. Rescue people. That would be fun.”


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