WATCH: Vice Presidential Debate via Online Streaming Video from HuffPo (VIDEO) Tonight.

Are you ready folks?

This is a one-time only debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan.

If you’re anything like me, you are anxious to see how the Vice President will perform tonight compared to how President Barack Obama performed during the first presidential debate.

Huffington Post will stream the debate live and so will ABC News.

You can probably access the site via your iPad or iPhone – wherever you may be.

One thing I know for sure – tonight’s going to help define the next presidential debate. Either VP Joe Biden will throw punches or not.

There is another thing you have to be sure of. Make sure that you are registered to vote. If you’re unsure about your voting status, Google “Am I registered to vote in (enter state here), and you should be directed to a website where you can enter your name and year of birth. This will provide results to confirm whether you are or are not registered.

If you are not registered, go HERE to register.

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