Clear winner in last night’s Presidential debate. Big Bird!

I was super stoked to watch last night’s the first in a series of three Presidential debates.    I was prepped to see President Obama make his case clearly without question.  Instead, I saw Mitt Romney steamrolling moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS and being aggressive enough to state his case, point-by-point.

Mitt Romney appeared strong and presidential in last night’s debate and if you are to ask me, I will still vote for President Obama.  I have made up my mind right after the conventions and I don’t think I can be swayed to vote otherwise.

For others however, who are still on the fence about which candidate they will vote for, last night’s debate may have given them a soft leaning towards Mitt Romney but I don’t believe that he swayed much of the undecided enough to vote for him.

He didn’t expound on the $5 trillion dollars that will be added to the deficit which President Obama kept referring to and wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.  All he kept saying was that he doesn’t have a plan that will $5 trillion-dollar to the deficit.

Well, according to fact-checkers at ABC News, here’s where the $5 trillion dollar statement came from:

Romney’s tax plan could add $5 trillion to the deficit. But that is an estimate on an incomplete tax plan. Romney insists that when his plan goes from an election-year outline to a Congress-ready proposal he will include provisions that will ensure it will not add to the deficit. The issue is that no one knows what those provisions are just yet.

It could add $5 trillion dollars according to estimates.  But then again, without a clear and concise plan, how could we even believe that it would not add to the deficit until he is elected.  By that time, it will be too late.  He will be in office and he will put forward, what he had denied during the campaign.

The clear winner for me (although I think that Romney won last night’s debate even though he was rude and kept interrupting the moderator up to the point that he implied he will get rid of Jim Lehrer’s job at PBS by cutting funds to PBS when he is elected), was Mitt Romney.  He seemed more prepared that President Obama was during last night’s debates.

But if we are to review what happened to the Twitterverse last night, the winner was #BigBird.  Seconds after Romney told Jim Lehrer that he will cut funding for PBS and that he liked Big Bird, hashtag #BigBird rose up to the top of Twitter Trends.

Whether you believed all the numbers that both debaters spit out last night, which one do you think would be better to serve us in the next four years?  I believe it is President Obama.

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