Gay News Today: Bits and pieces of everything gay.

*Former Catholic State Senator Debbie Regala had to make a choice about same-sex marriage (Referendum 74). It was personal for her having grown up with a gay brother and lesbian sister, she voted yes. Her defense:

“Referendum 74 is not about the Catholic definition of sacramental marriage. It’s a civil rights issue and a legal issue. All couples should have the civil right and the privilege to make the same public statement of their love and commitment to each other. And one of my disappointments is that the Catholic Church chose to insert itself into this battle.”

“..what constitutes or has constituted marriage has evolved and changed many times over the centuries,” referring to young girls being married off to older men in exchange for dowries.

She also married in the 60s when interracial marriage was frowned upon (her husband is Filipino) and know quite well how it is to be discriminated against.

*California Governor Jerry Brown, signs a historical LGBT bill (SB 1172 – Banning Gay Conversion Therapy for minors).

*Lady Gaga said, “Pope doesn’t matter.  Gay marriage is going to happen.”

*Christina Aguillera, known for being a gay ally, surprised her gay fans with new video.

* Oktoberfest is being used by gay Germans as a platform for marriage equality.

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