Royal couple, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge win French injunction on Kate topless photos


Prince William and Kate Middleton won the French injunction on Kate Middleton’s topless photos taken by a photographer while the couple were vacationing at a chataeu in southern France.

The gossip magazine, Closer, was banned from further publishing any more photos and have been ordered to hand all the photos to the Royal couple.  A fine of 10,000 euros per day of delay in handing the photos.

It was deemed that the photographer was in breach of the couple’s privacy.

This is not the end of it.  The royal couple is also seeking damages against the magazine for publishing a five-page spread of the photographs.

British newspapers have agreed not to publish any of the images.  Further investigations are being made to see if there are grounds to file criminal charges against Italy’s gossip magazine Chi, published by Mondadori for printing a 26-page special edition specifically dedicated to the topless photos yesterday.

via Reuters

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