Kate Middleton Topless Photos Published by French Magazine, Closer. Royal Family infuriated.



It was a coincidence that I watched a Lifetime movie last night on Xfinity on Demand about the conspiracies surrounding Princess Diana‘s death, implying that she did not die due to the paparazzis who chased them that evening in Paris but rather, that she was murdered.  It’s a story about how paparazzis go overboard just to capture an image of Princess Diana.

The Duchess of Cambridge is the new Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge was supposedly caught topless on camera in a private patio while taking a vacation in Provence, France.

Closer, a French magazine had published the topless photos and have surfaced online.  At one point, the Duchess was wearing a top and then took it off.  She was also shown putting lotion on Prince William.

The photos were apparently offered to British newspapers but they refused to publish them.   This comes in the heels of Prince Harry being caught on cam in the buff while vacationing in Las Vegas this summer.

The couple is currently on a tour in Asia.

The Royal Family is looking into their options.

“Officials acting on behalf of Their Royal Highnesses are consulting with lawyers to consider what options may be available to the Duke and Duchess.”

via E! Online

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